Memories of Brussels

June 28, 2016  •  3 Comments

With all the talk of BREXIT and the EU in the news, it brings back memories of my college semester in Brussels studying, what was then still called, the EC.  The EU is still plagued with many of the same issues it was back in 1987.

Last year we took a family vacation to Brussels.  I still love Brussels and think it is one of the most underrated and under appreciated cities in the World.  It is a cosmopolitan, thriving city with amazing people, architecture, culture, great food and, of course, plenty of chocolate, frites and beer.  You have to love a place that gives you a "raincoat" for your shopping bag filled with hand-made chocolates.  Enjoy some photos from my latest visit back to Brussels.


Melissa G(non-registered)
Great stuff!!!!
Kerry, these are simply GORGEOUS! The architecture is so diverse and spectacular!
Many thanks for sharing, I want to visit Brussels even more after seeing these!
Lisa Humphries(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures!! Thank you Kerry!
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