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Pittsburgh is a city that has completely reinvented itself.  Once a city known for its steel mills, it has now become a home to the tech, legal and banking industries.  It has a mix of modern and gothic architecture.  The thing I loved most about Pittsburgh is that is a very walkable city.  The baseball and football stadiums are easily accessible by walking across the Roberto Clemente bridge. Be sure to take note of the "locks of love" attached to the bridge left by lovers pledging their undying love for each other.  Great views of the city are best from the Duquesne Incline, a funicular that travels steeply up to the Duquesne Heights/Mount Washington neighborhood.  Pittsburgh fans are always decked out for game day and wear their colors proudly all through town and while tailgating on their boats riverside!  There are also many universities in and around Pittsburgh, most famous among them are University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon.  I had the opportunity to take in the beautiful architecture on the University of Pittsburgh campus.  No visit to Pittsburgh would be complete  

though without stopping by Primanti Brothers in Market Square and why not stop by for Sunday morning yoga in the square before devouring that Primanti Brothers sandwich!


Leslie Hart(non-registered)
Great photos Kerry, as per usual! As noted, you make the city come alive. From the looks of it, you had a great visit.
Chitralekha Dhamija(non-registered)
Kerry... Amazing photography as ever. You've made Pittsburg come alive .. Can't wait to see those vibrant scapes for myself now. Keep going!
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