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March 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

In these uncertain and anxious times I wanted to share a heartwarming experience.  A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to photograph basketball games for the Chatham United Basketball team.  This team consists of a few kids from the high school and the majority from ECLC which is a school and community for children and adults with special needs.  The team was competing to represent New Jersey in the Special Olympics!  The Chatham United team exudes camaraderie and happiness.  These kids work so well together and are a true representation of good sportsmanship. The joy in the gym emanates both from the court and the sidelines.  The coaches, parents and other teams cheer each other on and all feel so emotionally invested in the game.  The officials were smiling ear to ear throughout the games.  I am always on the sidelines and up close to the action, the players and the officials, and sometimes see and hear things that I would rather not hear or see.  But these games were different.  Everyone was upbeat, positive and happy.    The coaches and high school kids give something that is not tangible, but you can see the effects on the faces of the kids participating in the games. The pride and sheer joy is something I will never forget.  


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