Winter Sports

February 28, 2020  •  7 Comments

This winter I have photographed more winter sports than ever before. Winter sports take place on all types of surfaces, on the ice, on a court, in a pool.  I was struck by the contrast between the beauty and grace of swimming with the brutality of ice hockey.  The boys and girls basketball teams for our town's high school have been doing well and the teams are drawing crowds, especially student fans, including elementary students.  The camaraderie and energy between fans and players on the court and sidelines definitely raises the play of the game.  While some sports have new rules, Wrestling has changed very little since I was a cheerleader for wrestling in the 80's (although I am VERY thankful that the uniforms have).  The strength and determination exhibited is visceral and the flexibility of the wrestlers is incredible to watch close up, and I am literally on the edge of the mat.  I have witnessed high school athletes achieve remarkable milestones including making 1,000 points in basketball, 100 wins in wrestling, and swimmers breaking team and state records.  While I primarily shoot high school sports, I had the opportunity to photograph the New Jersey PBA Ice Hockey team play the New York FBI Hockey Team.  It was so great to see members of all different communities come out and root on the teams.  I truly enjoy capturing so many exciting moments in the lives of athletes.  I have a friend who says I can make anyone look like an athlete, but it is just the art of capturing someone at their best.  I am blessed with a talent and job that makes me smile. 


Laura Grant(non-registered)
Beautiful photos Kerry! Thank you!
Bernadette Traina(non-registered)
Such good photos!! Glad you've gotten more customers recently, and hope you continue to get more. Keep up the great work!
Ed Barmakian(non-registered)
I don't know how you do it. I can almost see their muscles moving like it's happening in front of me. These photos are really fantastic and the joy you got out of it is even better. Thank you for sharing them with me.
Joan Swanson(non-registered)
These pictures are amazing! Wish you had been around to do this when Stefan was playing hockey. Please keep posting. I'm so impressed!
Phyllis watson(non-registered)
I love to see where your photography has taken you. You have a beautiful heart and your photography captures the joy of the sports!!
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